According to the growth of an operational site and for technological efficiency, “MESEME” considers the option of an installation, separated or joined by complement, for the design and installation to generate renewable energy which can be electric and thermal with the incorporation of mechanical equipment :

Installations in Machine House

Jen Throws Car-GE, 320

Jen Throws Car-GE, 320

Jen Throws Car-GE, 320


Caterpillar 3620.

Jen Throws Car-GE, 320

Jen Throws Car-GE, 320


Outdoor Installation

Micro Turbines


Additionally and according to efficiency to harness the biogas fuel power, “MESEME” for its partnerships with innovative technology companies, specializes in the design of other uses of biogas, especially in the cleaning of pollutants harmful to the Environment and Ecology and has borne fruit and participated in efforts in the projects carried out in Spain and Germany to use Methane (CH4) as Clean Gas in vehicle fleet.


Use of CH4 Methane as a carburetion gas in fleet of Urban Waste Collectors vehicles


CAPITALIZED TECHNOLOGY, is based on the anaerobic degradation of organic chemistry of confined waste, Biogas is a natural source of inexhaustible natural energy and in general methane, CH4, of confined biomass, it is very attractive to use it and among others the use In addition, methane natural gas (CH4), fuel derived from petroleum, coal or other polluting fossils, is already commercialized and its use as a clean gas is increasing.

Due to previous experiences, “MESEME” offers the option of remaining as an ADVISOR, to operate the degassing process and incorporate renewable electricity production and commercialize it through a PPA.

The destruction of biogas by burning is of special importance to mitigate Climate Change, since it avoids its release into the atmosphere and satisfactorily produces income by obtaining Reduced Emission Certificates. “MESEME” for medium and long-term projects and by precepts and technical, legal and financial considerations, supports them in verifying data of renowned specialists