BUnder the Environmental and Ecological precept of the “RESIDUO AL RESURSO”, “México Servicios Medioamburales, SA de CV” was established in 2008 under the promotion of E. Gil Aranda R. as a moral company in Mexico City, obtaining the registration of "MESEME" as your business name.

The participation of investment, knowledge, experience and audacity, for market access, national and international, was agreed by the association of parties between the Mexican company “Cappy & Associates Mex, SA de CV” and the Spanish firm “Hera Iberoamericana, SA” ; which, in 2013, transferred its right and activities in Latin America to its subsidiary “Hera Omega, SL” of Barcelona, Spain.

In March 2015 "Hera Omega, SL", sold its stake of "MESEME" and so to date the total right is controlled by "Cappy & Associates Mex, SA de CV".


In its “MESEME” projection, it observes laudable guidelines of organizations that favor operational and financial sustainability agreements of Projects by Agreements, Service Delivery Agreements, Shareholding Participation and or Association of Parties.

Observance that has allowed him to analyze and promote Public Private Partnerships, to fructify and consolidate projects, Environmental and Ecological and financial and operational sustainability, colloquially "Tailored Suit", as are the variants and schemes: "BOD" (Design -Build-Operate), "BOT" (Build-Operate-Transfer) and "BOOT" (Build-Own-Operate-Transfer).

“MESEME” has operated, participates, operates and supervised, projects in the states, Jalisco, Nuevo León, Yucatán, Mexico, Guanajuato and Coahuila, in the Central American countries of El Salvador, Nicaragua and in South America has a presence in Colombia and Peru .